Chrome line Bomba de Pénis


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Immediate power for your penis and effective virility training!
Simply slide your penis through the tight and soft cuff into the transparent brown clear cylinder and comfortably create the powerful virility vacuum with the special one-handed tensile pump. As if by magic, your “family jewels” may become bigger, more powerful and stronger. You can gauge the success by reading it off the centimeter/inch scale. Because of the special pressure valve, the vacuum is retained even when taking off the pump hose. You can control the desired amount of air flowing into the cylinder by using the valve. Cylinder 21 cm long. Insertion depth 17.7 cm. Inner Ø 6.3 cm, outer Ø 6.6-6.9 cm. Ø of sleeve opening 2.3 cm (flexible). Material: PVC, TPE.



Informação adicional

Peso412 kg
Dimensões (C x L x A)320 × 150 × 80 cm


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