Realistic Bomba de Pénis, crystal clear


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PP015 Realistic Bomba de Pénis XL, crystal clear

Stimulates penis and testicles!
Bomba de Pénis made of crystal clear, solid polycarbonate. For a particularly intense stimulation this model also has room for the testicles in the suction cylinder. With the easy-to-use pump ball it is ideal for all beginners who want an impressive erection. When used on a regular basis, the potency can be permanently increased (even with erectile dysfunction). To further increase potency the Bomba de Pénis can be combined with the FRÖHLE love sleeve or power sleeve. Including attachment sleeve, connection hose, valve.

Complete length 21 cm, Ø 6 cm. PC, PVC.



Informação adicional

Peso440 kg
Dimensões (C x L x A)275 × 130 × 110 cm


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