Fetish Fantasy Series


Fetish Fantasy Series


Triple sucking stimulation with vibration!
Nipple and clitoris suckers with three vibro-bullets. The soft suction cups are placed over the nipples and clitoris and then a vacuum is created with the practical pump ball: The cups stick securely to the areas and they stay in place as well. The vibrations from the bullets provide thrilling, additional stimulation. After the pleasurable fun, the vacuum release valve just needs to be pressed on the pump ball. The nipples and clitoris can become more sensitive to touch when these suckers are used. Includes batteries (9 x LR44).

Complete length 55 cm, Ø 5.4 cm. PVC, ABS.

REF: 05413970000


Vibrating Triple Suckers

Informação adicional

Peso245 kg
Dimensões (C x L x A)200 × 120 × 60 cm


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